Sunday, 11 March 2012

Talk on Creativity in Classroom at Sekolah Menengah Islam Hidayah, Kempas, Johor

An invitation to give a talk on Creativity in Classroom on 10th March 2012 at Sekolah Menengah Islam Hidayah, Kempas, Johor. This is an opportunity for me to share with a group of teacher on how important creativity being nurture and encourage among school students.

Bengkel TOT 24-26 Februari 2012 - Kluster Kreativiti dan Inovasi Subjek Umum Universiti

I've been invited to give a talk in one of the session of TOT for Creativity and Innovation Course cluster at Bintang Royale, Seremban (24-26 Februray 2012). This workshop was organised under Pusat Ko Kurikulum, UTM and Center for Student Innovation (CSI). I'm deliver a topic about Invention and Innovation.

It was an honour to be given such opportunity.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Dear Dr. Aede Musta'amal:

Thank you for your abstract for the RCEE & RHEd 2012 Secretariat Panels.

We are pleased to accept your paper, Does CAD Really Encourage Creative Behaviours Among Its Users? A Case Study, for the Regional Conference On Engineering Education & Research In Higher Education 2012..........

This is will be the beginning of my publication effort since back to work. Hope everything will be according to plan.

Monday, 17 October 2011

14th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Conference - Design Education for Future Well Being


* Submission of Abstracts (max 500 words) – 3 December 2011
o Abstracts should be submitted via our conference management system.
o Details of the submission process may be found here.
* Notification of Successful Abstracts – 16 December 2011
* Submission of Full Papers – 2 March 2012
o Details of the submission process, including the paper template, may be found here
* Notification of Accepted Papers – 16 April 2012
* Deadline for submission of final paper and paper summary for publication – 25 May 2012.
* Deadline for Author Earlybird Registration - 25 May 2012
* Conference – 6 and 7 September 2012

Conference Aim

The E&PDE conference will bring together representatives from education and industry who have an interest in sharing new perspectives on design education. The conference will provide a forum for educators, practitioners and students from product development, engineering and industrial design, together with industry to discuss current educational issues and the nature of design education now and in the future. This year's conference theme is Design Education for Future Wellbeing and aims to;

* Provide a networking platform for a wide variety of participants.
* Explore how design education can set the scene for future wellbeing of people within society, economy, industry and the global village the world has become.
* Discuss how engineering and product design education can lead to innovative products for an innovative world.
* Explore how the focus on future wellbeing can contribute to the development of creativity and success.
* Encourage innovators to provide feedback to educators with ideas and practical opportunities in order to facilitate an innovation platform future (ad)ventures.

These aims will be addressed through the following conference topics;

* Design education in practice
* Design methodology in education
* Best practice in design education
* Design education and industry
* Creativity in design education
* New design education paradigms
* International collaboration
* Global product development
* Linking Bachelor, Master and PhD level education
* Scientific methods for course evaluation
* Professional perspectives for design students
* Research networks of design educators
* Idea to market in design education
* Technology transfer through design

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Prof Eddie Norman Visit to Faculty of Education, UTM

Prof Eddie Norman has been appointed as a Visiting Professor of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and pay a visit to the university from 18 September to 28 September 2011. During his visit, he has given a number of talk sessions to the students and faculty members of UTM.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Coming back to blog publication

Assalamualaikum and Good day,

After quite sometime, I've been leaving my academic blog 'unattended'. I've decided to continue provide my academic activity up date as frequent as I can. My up date start with the latest research fund which have been approved by the Ministry of Higher Education. I've been awarded a research grant amount of RM50000 for the next 2 years (until 2013). The research title is
'Exploratory study in developing a framework to observe, identify, and capturing designing behaviour whilst designers engaged in sketching activity toward creative and innovative designing'.

The study attempt to explore the sketching behaviour which related to creative behaviour that emerge whilst sketching act takes place.